Sunday, January 23, 2011


By Manuwant Choudhary

Dara Singh should have been hanged to death.

But he got a life imprisonment and the Orissa High Court judges supported a lifer and said the criminality of Dara Singh did not fall into the rarest of rare category.

The judges said he only wanted to `teach a lesson to those who convert others.'

Just to remind you Dara Singh is the Bajrang Dal activist who torched a vehicle of Graham Staines and his two sons as they slept kiling them all.

So I wonder what is a `Rarest of Rare Case'?

The riots in Bombay? The riots in Gujarat?


Even the Supreme Court is harsh on Teesta Setalvad simply because she wrote a letter on the Gujarat riots to the United Nations Human Rights Organisation.

Surely the Supreme Court should have shouted at India's Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for taking the Kashmir issue to the United Nations.

We would not have the BJP activists forcing their way into Kashmir simply to hoist our Indian flag by force. Kashmiris don't feel like hoisting a tricolour.

I wonder if the BJPs program will make Kashmiris feel more Indian?

Just wonder whatever happened to our `Basic Structure of our Constitution'.....Secularism?

In India liberals are not allowed to have their own political parties.

Property Rights are not guaranteed either.

And now the Orissa High Court judgement shows even Secularism is just a sham.

For our courts only perhaps Ajmal Kasab falls into the `rarest of rare case'.

I am not for capital punishment yet it hurts to see how pests get away with murder.

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