Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bombay Bombers Roam Free

By Manuwant Choudhary

Bombay bombers roam free and the Congress Circus continues day after day....

First the union home minister P.Chidambaram arrives in the city only to say that there is no intelligence failure as there was no intelligence input.

Mr. C...may I ask you if there was no intelligence input then isn't that an intelligence failure?

Surely, the intelligence's job is to know.

Or simply you have no intelligence or you think the people in India have no intelligence?

Then you have the routine visit by our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, only to be overshadowed by scion Rahul Gandhi's remark that the government can only prevent 99 per cent attacks but that one per cent will get through.

Surely, we don't elect you to allow us to be attacked...even once.

Can you at least foil the bigger attacks if not all?

To set records straight India has always been attacked right through her history. Mongols on horseback would raid our temples and return with the booty.

Now they just carry the bombs in tiffins and walk into our crowded bazars and leave them there.

But are we really prepared to foil such terror? Especially, since the police are themselves corrupt busy finding out ways and means to earn money underhand.

We have one former chief minister Vilas Rao Deshmukh taking over a cricket board defeating a veteran cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar.

While we have the Maharashtra chief minister passing the buck and saying that the Home department is with the NCP - their ally, so the delay in taking action against terror.

Then they say they still not have CCTVs because of the slow government procedures in procurement.

And in all this we don't see or hear the junior Milind Deora (MP) although we see Meera Sanyal, the defeated candidate, still talk for Bombay's security concerns.

Why do we elect such fools?

And in Pakistan a banned terror group chief Mallik Ishaq of the Lashkare-Janghvi gets a government stipend while in jail and now he even gets a bail.

And a few days later we are going to be talking to the same Pakistan government.

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