Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why Is India's Supreme Court Angry?

By Manuwant Choudhary

India's Supreme Court is very angry ...at least thats what the Times of India would like us to believe and over what..over land acquistitions in Uttar Pradesh where Rahul baba sits in the sweltering sun hearing out farmer woes on live TV.

But while our judges say how can the government extend `public purpose' to malls and hotels and how can they acquire land from the poor and give it to the rich they forget that it is they too who are party to this peculiar situation in India.

When fundamental rights were disregarded by our parliament and politicians and not considered sacrosanct like the US Bill of Rights, the courts remained silent.

When property rights were removed from our fundamental rights our courts kept silent.

When land belonging to the landlords were taken and given to the poor the same courts said that this is socialism and must be done to bring about equality.

But what they forgot is when you write a constitution its not for the rich or for the poor - it is for all its people - rich or poor and from whatever caste of creed you belong to - for all Indians.

A constitution is supposed to unite all its people not divide.

Robbing Paul to pay Peter is no constitution.

Unfortunately, India's constitution is not what we the people gave to ourselves on November 26 1949.

Either, we go back to the old constitution or we write a new one.

I fear India has already become like Nepal..where they are struggling to even write a constitution...they even have a constitution God.

The situation in India is......

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