Monday, April 22, 2013

Secrets To Nitish Kumar's Good Governance

By Manuwant Choudhary

"It is better to be governed by a good man than by good laws. " Aristotle.

Like every other terror plot is linked to Al also every other rape accused is being hauled up from Bihar...but chief minister Nitish Kumar is silent.

Of course, in the latest case even the victim 5-year-old girl happens to be from Bihar...

But Biharis raping Biharis in New Delhi becomes international news these days and some dope for AAP to take to the streets.

And our Prime Minister has learnt to tweet not just squeak !

And claim to solve it all by more laws.

But even those concerned with the falling law and order in the country don't even scratch the surface.

They hail Nitish Kumar as a good guy who threw out a bad guy...and brought crime under check.

Democracy itself is the real culprit.

If you look closely how elections are fought and managed in India...its more about muscle power than people power.

Every politician including Nitish Kumar relies on goon power...and some are goons themselves....or mafia...

They get into politics to get more power and make more money.

How do we expect such people to protect us?

Or even the police.

I will tell you an incident I witnessed at a Bihar police station.

A wife complained about her goon husband and how he beat her up every night. The husband was brought to the police station.

The police inspector asked the wife, "Do you have Rs.500?"

Wife" "Yes."

Inspector taking the Rs.500 and gives it to the husband, "Buy yourself a ticket to New Delhi and don't show your face again in this town..."

The husband leaves happily and the wife is happy too.

No case was registered so the inspector is happy as well.

But I wondered what this man will do in New Delhi?

Bihar's peace is because of such  policies being adopted by the Bihar sending the goons to Delhi and Bombay.

So this stunt about secularism by Nitish Kumar is all hogwash but at least Bihar gets Rs.12000 crores for it !

(I don't hope Raj Thackeray to read this)

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