Thursday, August 15, 2013

Its Onions This Independence Day

By Manuwant Choudhary

India is going to import onions to bring down the high onion prices and more restrictions on foreign exchange and a ban on buying properties abroad as well as curbs on gold imports is like the return to socialism.

So I had hoped the Prime Ministers independence day speech would bring back some confidence in the economy.

But instead our PM spoke about the glorious days of how Panditji built all the industries, how Indiraji made India great and how Rajivji's decade pushed India to modernity.

He was not honest because he never told the people that those were in fact the wasted decades which resulted India becoming bankrupt by the early nineties.

But hidden in his speech is a line that says that unless agriculture improves in the country it is hard to remove poverty.

In his eight years as India's Prime Minister I wish he had done something about agriculture.

This is not a PM versus Modi blog but in a diverse country such as India you can't become PM on a communal rocket !

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