Saturday, August 24, 2013

`Let Us Bite The Bullet' says Indian Prime Minister

By Manuwant Choudhary

My two pups Timone & Pumba have been very worried since the stock market collapse and a hundred billion dollars just left the country in a single day !

They sit and watch the TV debates like its the end of the world.

Me: Why are you two so sad? Surely you don't invest in the stock market?

Timone: You don't understand...we have every reason to worry.

Pumba: I agree with Timone. You just don't understand. You don't understand even after reading newspapers.

Me: What newspaper?

Timone: Didn't you read about the cabinet meeting on Food Security Bill?

Pumba: It said that P. Chidamabaram and Sharad Pawar and others ganged up to oppose the bill.

Me: Thats good. They are right after all. Where will they find 5000 crore rupees to distribute rice all over India?

Timone: Ah they are the Kings...they have so much money...they don't know where to keep them in India so they keep it in Swiss banks!

Pumba: yes, yes, and with the dollar now at Rs.65 you can imagine how much richer the corrupt with Swiss bank accounts have become.

Timone: I like Baba Ramdev...just bring back the Swiss bank money and why 5000 crores...we will show america how its dollars will fly back to Bombay.....

Me: But i still don't understand why you two are worried?

Pumba: Didn't you read the Prime Minister stopped his ministers from quarelling and said `Lets Bite the Bullet..'

Me: But yes, and what does that mean?

Timone: Surely, it does not mean the Congress Seva Dal workers getting themselves shot in UP!

Pumba: But I did see Congressmen buying bullets in Delhi.

Timone: Congressmen are like slaves they will eat anything as long as the High Command tells them to...

Me: You mean they will eat bullets?

Timone: You don't understand...its a question of life & death for us..

Me: But obviously you don't eat bullets. Biting a bullet is a means something else.

Pumba: So you tell us what it means? you know then why don't you tell me..and by the way how do you know what happened at the cabinet meet in such detail.

Timone: The Editor is our friend.

Me; You mean Editor of Hindustan Times?

Timone: No. I mean the Editor who lives in Delhi.

Me: two are just Dogs....why would the Editor even talk to you both?

Timone: I love AK Antony he says the Food Bill has to be passed because Soniaji promised it to the people...and that pledge is most important.

Pumba: I like Prannoy Roy also..he said the Food Subsidy is more important than the Fuel subsidy..after all its for the poor....But why did the PM end the debate with the biting bullet thing? He should have said lets all eat rice...

Me: But I still don't understand why you two are interested in the food bill of all get your four square meals every day...

Timone: Ah you don't even know where our rice comes from.

Me: It comes from the market.

Pumba: Heh, no your mom buys it from the poor at Rs.15 per the market it is Rs.30 per kilo...

Me: You mean the poor don't eat rice..they sell rice.

Timone: yes, its we who eat rice...the poor don't eat rice..they want money to become rich.

Me: But who is the Editor you both know...

Pumba: He is Vinod Mehta's dog !

Me: This is too dogs know so much..but I am sure this Editor got it wrong...the Prime Minister only said, "Let Us Bite the Ballot.."

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