Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yes He Can & Gun Salutes!

By Manuwant Choudhary

News in India can be really amusing at times like the BJP PM aspirant Narendra Modi in a public meet at Hyderabad stole from Obama's election campaign..."Yes We Can..."

I'm not sure if he stole the show but media reports suggest the crowd was large and young and there was quite a fervour.

So I just wonder what went on in the minds of Indian youth when Modi shouted `Yes We Can'.

Modi is the same man under whose regime the Gujarat riots happened where thousands were killed.

So Yes He Can !

I am not yet sure about Modi's development agenda but one thing is certain the next election in 2014 is a test for India's securalism as much as it is about a vote against corruption.

Narendra Modi is yet unable to get a United States visa so when he says Yes We Can is he talking about getting a US visa?

Yes He Can !

I am not a big fan of the BJP and you must be wondering why I am behaving like Subramanian Swamy...

No I have not joined the BJP.

Its just that I read somewhere that the BJP has employed thousands of internet warriors who are going to be paid to read all reports about Modi, even the negative ones, and evaluate.

I think its a good idea to least my blog hits will improve !

But Subramanian Swamy says he has joined the BJP because of patriotism !

Like the patriotic JD (U) politicians are saying all the wrong things.

And instead of a focus on Pakistan..the Indian media is gunning for some unimportant Bihar politicians...

But what really is this patriotism about?

Is it like this man who a few days ago jumped into a lions den at Patna zoo and the lion pounced on his back.

Luckily, the zoo keeper in a split second distracted and caged the lion in his night shelter.

But the man would not leave the den.

He wanted a loudspeaker since he wanted to talk to Allah !

And finally, a seven gun salute to freedom fighter revolutionary Khudi Ram Bose went horribly wrong because the bullets were so old that only two fired.

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