Monday, September 9, 2013

Bharat Nirman Or Vadra Nirman Pvt. Ltd

By Manuwant Choudhary

`Bharat Nirman' is like the BJPs `India Shining' it seems the time for the Congress regime to go has come.

This cartoon by Manjul from DNA, Bombay, best exemplifies the feelings of the aam aadmee.

And its not that people want Narendra Modi.

But this government must go.

Some 500 crores have been spent on an ad campaign Bharat Nirman to highlight the achievements of the UPA government - radio, TV and print...they are all over.

One ad has a government agent negotiating the `acuisition' of land from farmers....and the farmers look so greedy in the ad...and so happy when they are told they will get four times the market value !

First they took our land for free, then through bhoodan, then through land ceiling, then in the name of development, then for industry, then at market rates and now more than market rates.

But you don't have a choice of keeping your farm.

You have to give...if you don't then 80 per cent of the people in your village will vote that you give ! (according to new laws)

At least 11 agencies were called to the Congress HQ by Rahul Gandhi and ads from Percept were selected.

And now I & B Minister Manish Tewari is gung ho and has asked his AIR correspendents to span the countryside and give a feedback on the deep penetration of their mega campaign.

But when the AIR correspondent asked an old lady in flooded north Bihar whether she had heard about Bharat Nirman, she replied, "Kata hoye chaiyee....eee bharat nirman..." (Where is this Bharat Nirman taking place?)

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