Friday, September 13, 2013

Face-Off - An Ugly Face Of An Ugly Party

By Manuwant Choudhary

I have never liked the BJP and hold it primarily responsible for much of the communal violence that India has seen in the past two decades.

So to see  a person like Narendra Modi being promoted as a Prime Minister candidate doesn't surprise me one bit.

But I am really surprised when Mr. Modi says that because India is going through a critical phase we should vote him and the BJP to power.

In fact, we should not.

And just to make it clear I am not in the Advani camp either.

The difference between Modi and Advani is little...Its just that Modi has bulldozed the National Democratic Alliance, something Vajpayee and Advani had built brick by brick to make the BJP touchable and enable it to come to power.

I am not sure if Advani even wanted to be a PM candidate this time. He is just a cleverer politician and sees the larger picture where without other secular and regional parties government formation is impossible.

The BJP hopes to galvanise Hindu votes behind Modi but he is yet to be tested outside Gujarat.

One newspaper the Hindustan Times said `Modi makes history and Advani is history'.

Well, not yet.

You will see the BJP leaders going to Advani's house after the elections.

Its one thing for corporate houses to want Modi, its quite another for the people of India.

Despite everything money will not win.

But it should worry us that six main Indian political parties got Rs.4,900 crores in donations in the past 8 years and 75 per cent is `untraced' funds which means the donors are not known.

In fact the country desperately wants the Congress Party to go but Modi's elevation helps the Congress.

The debate will shift from the Congress's corruption to Modi's criminality.

For our courts its easier to hang four rapists because the incident `touched the collective conscience of a nation' but more difficult to charge a chief minister under whose regime 1000 people were brutally killed.

How can we trust India to a man who could not control the communal riots in his own state Gujarat?

It went on and on and for days and weeks....India has not seen such violence since partition..

Another newspaper talking about Modi's strength said he has a secret mind.

Exactly, its Modi's secret mind that we should fear.

India knows nothing about this man.

Why is Modi's family so quiet and so distant?

What is his economic policy?

Is he not the chief minister who gave land to the Tatas to build the Nano after farmers threw the Tatas out from Bengal?

Modi is tellingly quiet even when the Congress passes the new land aquisition bill.

I have not met Modi.

On television all I hear is his nasal `Mere Doston'..all I see is his large stony eyes - deadly and cold.

And when he wants his supporters to cheer he waves his hairy forearm from one end to the other...

Just like Rajnath Singh making the clockwise cricket ball gesture at least ten times in 8 seconds to annouce Modi's name as PM.

He is secular in only as as much as his beard and refuses to wear the skull cap.

BJP is now MJP (Modi Janata Party)

What interested me were not the large floral garlands offered to that Modi but one ultra thin garland smilingly given by Nitin Gadkari (former BJP president) of the Poortee Group.

I wonder if they were pearls or Diamonds?

Friday the 13th is a bad Omen...and even according to the Hindu calender this period is not auspicious...Hindus don't even buy a new Santro now......

Wonder how much of a Hindu Modi is?

Whenever there is a churning scums get to the top.

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