Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Surgical Strikes !

By Manuwant Choudhary

The Operation srtarted at 2 am.

Under cover of darkness I picked him up from his launch pad...

And then I peeled into him.

Slowly at first..then faster.

Using surgical precision.

He was green in color.

The only thing in my mind was how good he would taste.

As the knife sliced into him...I could feel my country's joy.

The knife glistened in the moonlight.

As I went about my job.

I had to be careful so there are no casualties on our side.

We are all `buddies' after all.

This is not for the meek-hearted.

If you get  captured then you must have strayed across...

I cut him into two first, then four..then smaller bits and pieces.

I like them small.

My hands were gory.

But i went on...

The hunger in my belly...for my country.

What a feast !

My chest size went from 25 inches to 55 inches !

A secret video is filmed for the record.

Its daybreak so I return to bed.

No you got it all wrong....I was no Bihari jawan in PoK.

My surgical strikes were on Karachi Mangoes.

They call em Langda (Lame) (available in Patna for Rs.300 per kilo)

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