Sunday, April 5, 2009

India's Highways - A National Shame !

Pix by Manuwant Choudhary

9 kms on this stretch of National Highway 28 connecting New Delhi to Assam could take an hour to cover and thats when you are lucky...otherwise you may spend the entire night on the highway!

Yes, this road is important for India's economy connecting the Barauni Oil Refinery to Nepal and the rest of the eastern states, yet in these parts there is no sign of any governance.

Forget what Obama's praise of Manmohan Singh, judge him by the potholes you see on your roads.

And yes Nitish Kumar's `Bikaas' yatra stopped here and he took a chopper instead.

Once a few years ago I had asked a Bihar road minister, accused in the bitumen scam, why a 10 minute journey takes four hours he replied, "Agar main aapka sadak bana doon to phir sadak yatra aur vayu yaan mein kya antar rah jayega." (If I build your roads then what difference will there be between drivng and flying."

Of course, Laloo Yadav referred us as `sadak waala patrakaar..wo humara bheer nahin dekhtaa hai...sadak dekhtaa hai..(They are road journalists..they do not see the crowds in my meetings..they see the roads."

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