Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Apologies Please, Sikhs and India Wants Justice

By Manuwant Choudhary

Jagdish Tytler is now not contesting after the national furore against the CBI giving a clean chit to him in the 1984 Sikh massacres but his apologies are not enough, India wants justice.

In 25 years the guilty have not been brought to justice and that says a lot about our `socialist' democracy.

And there is no word from India's Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh under whom the CBI is officially.

There is no doubt that the PM is loyal only to Sonia Gandhi and not to India or India's constitution.

But this should not elate the BJP and the opposition parties either who have had their term in office and who also did nothing.

As for the media Jarnail Singh's shoe was flung not just at the Congress Party but also against the media who have failed to take up the Sikh cause in a fitting manner - the very next day the headline was a LTTE threat to Sonia Gandhi.

And to top all this Prem Shankar Jha admits that he as editor of Hindustan Times helped Jagdish Tytler get off the terrorists hit list.

Tytler had alegedly gone to a police station to get his goons released following which Akali terrorists had put him on their hit list.

Is this the job of editors? Or are these people simply `dalals'.

Dalals of the system.

I do not sugest Tytler be shot by terrorists but our democracy should be strong enough to send him to the gallows if he is guilty and not grant him tickets to parliament when there is much against him.

The Nanavati Commission found merit in the charges against him but the CBI which is the police gives him a clean chit. Is the police inquiry more important than a judicial probe?

Also I wonder why no reporter has attempted to interview the CBI director on this issue.

And so justice fails.

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Anonymous said...

Just apologising for the riots in 1984 is blatant cheating, by congress goverment. They should also apologize for consistently and carefully avoiding justice for that long. They should apologize for intentionally allowing many miscreants to go scott-free. Above all ,they should sincerely try to bring justice by punishing the guilty. Hindus are shown as bad people worlwide for all sorts of wrong reasons. but, This is one incident which hindus should take the blame (atleast for supporting such a system where it is possible to deny justice to be done for such a heinious crime).