Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Voting In The Dark!

By Manuwant Choudhary

Today is polling day in India where I live and so last night we had more electricity than usual.

But that may still not be for the voters but for poll officials and black commandos who are stationed to conduct the polls.

Yet, I said to myself that if there is electricity this one night I may still go and vote so I did my own poll...and not surprisingly my home remained in the dark for many more hours than the electricty that was supplied.

So why should I vote?

Am I a slave of democracy?

I did vote once in my life for V.P. Singh and what a mess, so until and unless liberals are able to give an alternaive I will not vote.

There are no lesser evils, just evil.

Advani should never be Prime Minister and nor should Dr. Manmohan Singh. Both the BJP and the Congress have been responsible for the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

So when Laloo says that publicly the Congress Party threatens him with not giving him a place in the next government because he has not shown respect to the Congress.

The question is not of laloo's showing respect, the question is whether the Congress Party has any respect.

Should we respect a party under whose rule thousands of farmers commit suicide?

Should we respect a party under whose rule farmers lands are taken away by force or by law?

Should we respect a part who first encourage a homeland for Tamils in Sri Lanka and then side with the Sri Lankan government, wherein actual fact the Tamils in Sri Lanka belong to Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka is theirs, not some ten kms stretch?

I stand for all those who lost everything when teh Kosi waters flooded their homes.

I stand shoulder to shoulder with Bombay attacked by Pakistani terrorists.

I stand with all those who feel their freedoms have been violated.

So I will not vote.

I will not vote in a democracy where there is no campaigning, no nothing..where votes are simply purchased.

And voters vote like bonded labourers.

I am not allowed to contest, so I will not vote.

Down with Socialism.

There is no black mark on my index finger, nor on my conscience.


Sauvik said...

me too

Manoje Nath said...

hi manuwant ,
one looks forward to the young to provide us some moments of sunshine in this otherwise bleak also looks forward to them to send the geriatric generation on gardening leave.but i did not know they had other plans, they are packing their own bags. coincidentally i published a post which had written a few weeks back on this very subject on my blog.
manoje nath