Saturday, May 16, 2009

9 Vote Verdicts In 2009

By Manuwant Choudhary

1) India says no to L.K. Advani for Prime Minister...and a No to Mandir-Masjid communal politics.

I have had the opportunity to cover several of Mr. Advani's pressers in the past and while I never agreed with his communal agenda he was always ready to take questions from a trainee reporter and answer them patiently although never wavering in his opinions. And when he wavered he praised the founder of Pakistan M.A. Jinnah out of context from the image he built and cultivated for himself over the years. Yet, I would say he is a democratic leader, more democratic than the Nehru-Gandhi family.
At leat he is not foisting his daughter Pratibha on the Bharatiya Janata Party and the people of India.

2) That 50 per cent voters did not vote. I did not.

3) That the Congress Party still could not get a majority on its own.

4) The Left Parties lost So Left Is Out.

5) Mamata Banerjee and her dedicated struggle against SEZs in Singur and Nandigram plus an alliance with Congress helped her defeat the Communists.

6) That you cannot aspire to be PM when your alliance partners keep attacking Muslims, Biharis...everyone....

7) South India is also changing from its clean sweep politics, just regional parties are not enough to form a government at the centre.

8) That voters in Bihar vote for criminals, not for the wives of criminals.

9) That just as I pay my electricity bills although I get no electricity, we have another Congress government at the centre while we remain a dark democracy, I promise you nuclear energy will not light up my home in even the next five years.

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