Sunday, May 24, 2009

LTTE Accepts Their Leader Is Dead

BBC News reports the LTTE now officially accepting the death of their `incomparable' leader whom they say attained `martyrdom' in the final battle.

The statement was signed by the defeated group's head of international relations, Selvarasa Pathmanathan.

" We have already announced that we have given up violence and agreed to enter a democratic process to achieve the rights for the Tamil (self) determination of our people " says Selvarasa Pathmanathan

It said that the LTTE had declared a week of mourning for their dead leader, starting on 25 May.

The statement called on Tamils all over the world to "restrain from harmful acts to themselves or anyone else in this hour of extreme grief".

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Anonymous said...

I was stongly disturbed by the attitude of Tamil leaders in this country, namely Samy Vellu, that wants the government to reject Sri Lanka resolution to the UN in defending their rights on recent elimination of LTTE terrorist.

Besides, I also disturbed to find out that so many temple in Malaysia with their Tamil Hindus are die hard simpathyzer on LTTE brutal crime.

Let me show you what have LTTE did to Muslims in Sri Lanka in 1990 :

They cut the electricity to a town, and act like Muslim in disguise, and call their comrades to attack, kill and butchered 147 Muslim that about to perform Isya' prayer at two mosque simultaneously.

Why on earth, Tamil people in Malaysia never rejects the beasty act by these LTTE and obviously showing their supports? Didn't these people urging Muslims to condemn Al Qaeda to prove that Islam rejects terrorism.

And by now, I finally knew how Tamil Hindu people in Malaysia way of thinking. Mostly hypocrite. I'm not being racist. But some people can't stop to show to the world that they are not a wise people.

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