Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Broadcasting From The Top Of The World

A pioneering mountain expedition - The First Ascent - climbs the worlds highest mountain Mount Everest and broadcasts their climb through the internet and a blog.

Go to blog.firstascent.com

Its quite amazing how the mountaineers have taken a Mac Book Pro which they keep at basecamp and every leg of their journey is recorded by a camera on a disc which is then carried by a porter to basecamp, edited and uplinked via satellite phone onto the internet and You Tube.

So every day there is blog from Team Dave Hahn, the avalanche - the death of a sherpa - plus how the most high-tech weather forecasts can be proven wrong at the Everest.

Dave writes, "Plus there is a lot of traffic at the Everest and it would be a nightmare to get stuck on a long rope with climbers behind you still trying to understand their selves."

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Hannah said...

It worked! You have a neat blog. I like how you express your opinions about the world. It is good you are so weill informed, not a lot of Americans know a lot about their government. I met our secretary of state Hillary Clinton, however! Well, I attended one of her rallies.