Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Blue Turban

By Manuwant Choudhary

Have you noticed European leaders avoid inviting Dr. Manmohan Singh...Dr. Singh has made most trips to the United States.

So I asked an EU MP and he confided it was because of his turban.

But why turban?

EU MP: You see its blue in colour.

Me: So what blue is a beautiful colour. I love blue shirts.

EU MP: No, no its not just the colour its also the turban.

Me: You mean Europe has become like France, no veils no turbans kind of policy.

EU MP: No, no, its not that. Dr. Singh is a gentleman.

Me: Then why? He is after all India's honestest Prime Minister.

EU MP: Look we value our ties with India but we just cannot invite him.

Me: Has that Anna Hazare asked you not to invite him?

EU MP: No, don't blame Anna.

Me: I would say if Anna wore a blue cap instead of white the Jan Lokpal Bill would have been passed.

EU MP: No this has nothing to do with the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Me: Then what? Is it that Arvind Kejriwal threatening you that they will campaign against European MPs?

EU MP: Arvind Kejriwal is an activist and we know how powerful he is...even slippers don't get him. And that poor fellow Prashant Bhushan gets bashed up in the Supreme Court for telling the truth about Kashmir.

Me: What truth? You see even Anna does not support his Team member Prashant Bhushan on Kashmir.

EU MP: Thats because Anna is scared of Balasaheb Thackeray.

Me: Why Balasaheb? Balasaheb has not visited Kashmir in his entire life. And that would mean Anna is intellectually corrupt? Should that also not come under the Jan Lokpal Bill?

EU MP: No, it seems you don't read wikileaks. WE know more about Indian politics than even the Indian people.

Me: How do you do that?

EU MP: we just take the Indian journalists to dinner at 5 star hotels and they tell us the juciest secrets that they do not write about.

Me: Is that so? So tell me the latest.

EU MP: Well, Digvijay Singh is better at shooting letters than shooting his mouth.

Me: I agree.

EU MP: That LK Advani is a tall leader so tall that even his chariot get stuck under bridges and trees have to to be removed across India for his yatra.

ME. What else you know?

EU MP: That Rahul Gandhi is getting married soon.

Me: Really? How come?

EU MP: He went for the Kind of Bhutan's wedding and after all he is the prince of India. But until then we are still worried about the blue turban.

Me: I know those hosiseries manufactured surplus blue turban material when Dr. Singh became PM but they remain unsold. Sikhs prefer wearing red and black like the Ranbaxy brothers ...see they built more hospitals in four years than Dr. Singh in ten years.

EU MP: Can you just ask Dr. Singh's wife to give him a pink turban.

Me: I did ask her once but she said Dr. Singh wears only blue.

EU MP: But why insist on blue? I know Montek Singh wears blue in India and purple in the United States.

Me. Well, even your EU flag is blue so whats your problem?

EU MP: You don't understand.

ME: Dr. Singh himself told students that he was always known as The Blue Turban.

EU: Thats what scares us?

Me: But why? Dr. Singh told me he likes blue because of his alma mater Cambridge..its their flag colour too!

EU: You dont have to wear your flag? Whatever happened to the flag code? Will he next wear the tricolour turban just because he loves the Congress Party.

Me: I think you are still not telling me anything?

Eu MP: Well, errr, eerrrrrr, I think I have to tell you that Nostradamus has predicted that
World War III will start when a man wearing a blue turban enters Europe.

Me: But Dr. Singh has not hurt a fly.

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