Monday, October 24, 2011

Kiran Bedi Upgraded!

By Manuwant Choudhary

This morning I was at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (Domestic) and I see Kiran Bedi arguing with the red girl at the ticketing counter...

Ticketing Girl: Maam here is your Economy Class Ticket to Bombay.

Kiran Bedi: You don't watch television?

Ticket Girl: Sorry, what? I don't get time to even sleep. These private airlines keep us working 24 hours. But I just offered you your ticket.

Kiran Bedi: How will corruption end if young girls don't watch the news.

Ticket Girl: I just want to sell you the ticket and am not interested in ending corruption. Otherwise I would have been a policewoman.

Kiran Bedi: No, I mean you should watch the news at least...and maybe leave strong messgaes in support of Anna on Facebook...the least you can do for the country.

Ticket Girl: Ya, I work very hard and pay my income tax...and don't steal or rob or bribe others.

Kiran Bedi: Its not enough you must be ready to go to Tihar jail to fight corruption.

Ticket Girl: I don't want to go to Tihar jail. Id rather visit Bangkok.

Kiran Bedi: Exactly, see what liberalisation has done to our youth.

Ticket Girl: Excuse me?

Kiran Bedi: Do you know how to wave the national flag?

Ticket Girl: Yah once in school I did that....

Kiran Bedi: Not in school. Have you waved the national flag for 11 full days?

Ticket Girl: No, why. And why would I do that?

Kiran Bedi: Exactly, you don't even know how to wave the national flag for 11 days.

Ticket Girl: I don't understand. I am just giving you your ticket and you are talking about the national flag.

Kiran Bedi: You airline people only know how to put on make-up and wear red short skirts and nothing else.

Ticket Girl: Maam we are here to only sell you the ticket. And here is your Economy Class ticket.

Kiran Bedi: Do you want to be on the front page of Indian Express?

Ticket Girl: No, maam, I don't read newspapers and I am not a sexy model..anyway even thats Page 3, not Page 1.

Kiran Bedi: Okay, let me explain very clearly. The minute I take this Economy Class Ticket from you we will be on national TV...500 channels in 44 Indian languages.

Ticket Girl: But Maam. I am only selling you a ticket.

Kiran Bedi: Your are so dumb. For 20 days now I have been on the news for travelling Economy Class !

Ticket Girl: But why?

Kiran Bedi: I don't know. I just saved some money by not flying Business Class because I wanted to visit poor Bihar.

Ticket Girl: So you were like Mahatma Gandhi who travelled third Class by train.

Kiran Bedi: Yes. And these journalists have got it all wrong. They say I am as corrupt as Kalmadi.

Ticket Girl: Oh I am so sorry our valued customer has to go through this but Maam will you take this Economy Class ticket.

Kiran Bedi: No. Even my trustees have said from now on I must not save money and travel Business Class instead.

Ticket Girl: But maam, what happened to the austerity drive?

Kiran Bedi: Austerity is only for Sashi Tharoor. See how he lost his job because he stayed in a 5 Star Hotel with his own money.

Ticket Girl: But I know maam you are not corrupt. You did not take even Re.1 from any truck driver all your life as an illustrious policewoman.

Kiran Bedi: No its not that. You have to be very carefull with accounts these days...and not be like housewives who steal their husbands money and say they spent it on Phenyl.

Ticket Girl: But I know maam every salaried person does all that...

Kiran Bedi: All that meaning.....? Everyone? You mean even the reporter who writes against me????

Ticket Girl: yes even the reporter, even i claim medical bills by submitting fake at least travel?

Kiran Bedi: You mean for all disesases, even those you don't have?

Ticket, Girl> yes, I have AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis and yet I am fit to work 24 hours!

Kiran Bedi: Hey just give me Business Class. At least I will sit cross-legged on those wide seats and close my eyes and meditate.

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