Wednesday, November 9, 2011

India Censors Tibetan Flag In Film `Rockstar'

By Manuwant Choudhary

India has censored the waving of a Tibetan flag in the film `Rockstar' to release this week.

Now the flag will be blurred.

You will not even get a glimpse of it.

But a flag is a flag not nudity.

But India's censors think otherwise...and they say they would have allowed nudity but Tibetan flag - definitely No.

Hott kissing scenes are Ok.

Good luck Ranbir Kapoor & Nargis.

I wonder if the censor board would block my blog as well.

Just watched Radhika Bordia's special tribute on socialist singer Bhupen Hazarika on NDTV and the singer talks about his love for Mao's communism and how he even sang songs in praise of their friend from across the Himalayas.

Until one day bombs fell on his home state Assam and the Chinese occupied it.

He talks with so much pain since he had just returned to India trained as a journalist at the Columbia school and he went to cover the fall of Bomdilla....and on seeing the 55 dead jawans he composed a song...on how they were invincible in death..and he wished he was one of them.

Hazarika talks about how let-down the people of Assam were because when Jawaharlal Nehru said Bye-bye, he was actually leaving portions of India to the Chinese.

Hazarika says, "My songs were in praise of two `Shaktis' - India & China - but what do you do when one `Shakti' attacks the other.

Bhupen Hazarika died a member of the BJP.

Yet, neither the Congress Party (which rules Assam mostly) nor the BJP gave him his due - the Bharat Ratna.

I would say S.D. Burman is the other person who deserves India's highest civilian award.

Bhupen Hazarika never made it to the Rajya Sabha also.

When Dr. Manmohan Singh our Prime Minister gets himself nominated to Rajya Sabha from Assam (although he is not from Assam).

And now they've even changed the rules to allow anybody getting elected from any state.

This is why India's federal structure is under threat.

Will this come under Jan Lokpal?

Dr. Singh is dishonest, just as IK Gujral would get nominated from Bihar.

So it hurts to see a Tibetan flag being cencored in free India when China captures our territory and on maps even show Arunachal Pradesh as being a part of China.

Recently, when a journalist asked a visiting Chinese Governor about this, the Chinese replied, "Shut up."

The Indian reporter reminded him, "Sir, this is India, not China."

Yet the Congress Party crawl before the Chinese.

Even when Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai became Hindi-Chini hai-hai....

Its a shame..

Dil Hoom Hoom Kare...ghabraye......

Free India, Free Tibet !

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