Friday, November 4, 2011

No Prime Minister, Yes Madam !

By Manuwant Choudhary

Who is this man? Well, err, most would say don't know, not seen him but what if I say he is more powerful than our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh....

He is Sonia Gandhi's man in the Prime Minister's Office.

Recently returned to India after a stint at the World Bank he is now the principal secretary to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

A sidey TV channel reporter a few days ago did his live reporting and this is exactly what he said and in excatly this order:

"Pulok Chatterjee will not be attending the G 20 Summit at Cannes in France as his daughter is getting married on November 6.....but Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be attending."

Well, India's Prime Minister did attend the G 20 and returned after muttering useful nothings.

And most likely both Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Singh will be attending the wedding of the daughter of Pulok Chatterjee.

So who is this man?

Well, as the internet reports reveal he was handpicked by VP Singh to appoint him as an IAS in Amethi to look after Sanjay Gandhi's constituency.

After Sanjay's demise he continued working in Uttar Pradesh.

And was the District Magistrate in Rae Bareily from where Sonia Gandhi was first elected.

And served Sonia Gandhi as OSD when she was the leader of the opposition.

Now he replaces TKA Nair as principal secrtary and has issued strict orders that every file going to the PM must go through him.

Mr. Nair was also to be made Governor of Rajasthan but his appointment was reportely opposed by Mr. Chatterjee.

Wow !

Now 2 Gandhi Nehru servants in the PMO !

Its like Sonia Gandhi even tells the PM on which hand he must wave at public rallies!

Not Yes Prime Minister, but Jee Madam!!!

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