Thursday, November 10, 2011

Man Of Peace !

By Manuwant Choudhary

Maldives: Exclusive interview with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

Me: Sir, my first question to you is that for the first time India and Pakistan seem so peaceful....

PM: Aaah, you see the sunset on the Indian ocean its like magic....

Me: You mean the beach...

PM: No, I mean the sunset....

Me: You mean the sand....

PM: No, no I mean how it all looks in the sunset...

ME. You mean the coconut trees....

PM: You fool why do people go to Goa?

ME: Ok, ok ..i think I know what you mean.....but lets get on with our said that the Pakistani Prime Minister is a Man of Peace.

PM: Yes, I did say that and I always stand by what I say.

Me: But the whole world says Pakistan is a `terror state'.

PM: I never said anything about Pakistan. I only said the PM is a Man of Peace.

Me: Okay, okay, but their foreign minister says Jamat-ud-Dawa is also a peaceful charitable organisation.

PM: Thats what they say.

Me: But they also say Hafiz Saeed is a Man of Peace.

PM: Right thats what they say.

Me: And that Kasab is he a Manof Peace 2?

PM: Pakistanis believe he is so..they told me he butchers peacefully.

Me: Butchers means kills.

PM: I didn't say that..he is peaceful with the AK 56..the way he shoots.

Me: But the Pakistanis say Hang Kasab, so why don't we hang him?

PM: We can't do what the Pakistanis see we are a peace-loving country.

Me: And what about Dawood?

PM: Many in India worship him so he must be a Man of Peace.

Me: And that Tiger Memon who bombed Bombay two decades ago..

PM: He is a peaceful Tiger.

Me: And Osama bin Laden?

PM: Man of Peace....

Me: George Bush?

PM: Man of Peace....

Me: So who is a Man of War.

PM: Sri, Sri, Sri, Sri, Sri Ravishankar is a Man of War. How dare he go to Amethi !

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