Friday, November 16, 2012

Skyfall & The Bond Girls

By Manuwant Choudhary

I really wonder what it is about the James Bond formula that has kept us watching them over decades and enjoying them all.

For women it is James Bond and all his scruffiness but for men its obvious they go to check out the Bond girls.

I have noticed that his girls can be dangerous too.

But if you are James Bond you will live to tell the tale.

 Skyfall is the 23rd and I must say I enjoyed it because of the Bond girls.

36-year-old Naomie Harris plays Eve, a fully-trained British field agent who drives fast and draws her gun even faster. The London-born Harris says Eve "kind of sees herself as Bond's equal. She's not, but that's how she sees herself."  
Skyfall is interesting because of the action in Shanghai and Macau...and is a reminder that not Russia but China is where all the action is.

Also the storyline is deeper compared to The Spy Who Loved Me.

And James Bond's country home Skyfall from which the film gets its name gives James Bond a more earthy feel.

Harris is joined by 33-year-old Paris native Berenice Marlohe, who plays the alluring Severine.  The exotic beauty -- her mother is French and her father is Cambodian -- is making her English-language debut in the film.  Severine is employed by the villain, Raoul Silva, played by Oscar-winner Javier Bardem.

Of course, of late even Indian film makers have been attempting to make films dealing with  India's spy Vidya Balan plays the pregant spy in Kahani....

But no I'd prefer Marlohe anyday.

She is a stunner.


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