Sunday, February 5, 2012

Appeal To God!

By Manuwant Choudhary

Subramanian Swamy is not Sharad Yadav who has hundreds of shouting supporters hovering around his house all the time.

Mr. Swamy is alone when he wins and alone when he loses.

Even as President of the Janata Party he has no followers.

And alone he takes on the might of Jayalalitha and Chidambaram and Bharat Sarkar.

Alone he gets 122 telecom licences worth crores cancelled.

And at the Tees Hazari Court....the judge called him Barkha Dutt was not allowed in.

Mr. Swamy does not even have a lawyer..he argues his own case.

The Judge...throws out his case...

And Kapil Sibal advises Subramanian Swamy to appeal to God !

So I went to meet Mr. Swamy at his residence..and found him sitting in a room.

Me: Sir, is this your war room?

Swamy: No, no...this is my puja room...

Me: But I dont see any Ganesha or Saraswati or...Durga? All I see is a photograph of an onion...

Swamy: yes, yes, I believe in the Onion God? Its more powerful than all Gods.

Me: How?

Swamy: Only onions bring down governments in India.

Me: I have not come here to talk about onions. I am more interested in an exclusive on your appeal to God.

Swamy: (increasing the volume to his old box TV...) see..when you arrived I was listening to Joan Osborne's `What If God Was One of Us.?

Me: You mean God could be working at Tees Hazari Court?

Swamy: Yes, yes...exactly?

Me: Did you find him went in alone?

Swamy: No, no..just light...

Me: So what will you do now?

Swamy:I will try and find him in the Delhi High Court...

me: But what if you dont find him in Delhi High Court?

Swamy: Then I will try hard..very hard to find him in the Supreme Court...

Me: aahhh no...even Supreme Court you may not find him..because even they don't allow liberals to contest elections in India.

Swamy: But I have to try?

Me: But to me it seems ..Mr. Sibal meant you appeal to a real God.

Swamy: I am appealing to real Gods.

Me: are appealing to men..judges...even they can be corrupt.

Swamy: No, case is not Jan Lokpal Bill...its specific...I know P. Chidambaram is as corrupt at A. Raja.

Me: have lost...

Swamy: Not yet..I believe in God.

Me: You mean you believe in Indian judiciary. What if you lose in Supreme Court also.

Swamy: Then I will appeal to God....

Me: See Mr. Swamy you can't even afford a lawyer...and how can you afford Chandraswamy.

Swamy: I am Swamy also.

Me, No, no, I mean only pundits can appeal to God.

Swamy: I don't agree...Mr. Sibal told me..sadhus are fake...only lawyers know how to appeal to God. So I have hired Mr. Sibal and he has already sent me The Apeal To God.

Me: Can I See?

Swamy: Here it is.....

"Where The Mind Is With Fear, And The Head Is Bowed Low

Where knowledge is capitation fees

Where The World Has been Broken Up Into Fragments

By Narrow International Walls

Where Words Come Out From The Hieghts Of Lies

Where Tireless Striving Stretches Its Arms Towards Imperfections

Where Everyone Has lost Their Way

Into The Dreary Congress Sand of Dead Habit,

Where The Mind Is Led Forward By Socialism

Into Ever Backward Thought And Inaction

Into That Hell Of Slavery, Let My Country Sleep."

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