Wednesday, February 8, 2012


By Manuwant Choudhary

Three senior BJP cabinet ministers resign in Karnataka after caught on camera watching porn clips on their 3 G cellphones in the now the BJP is a divided house..So i went to meet the 3 BJP leaders to find out what they were really upto...

BJP minister 1: Its not unusual for us to watch porn clips in the assembly..its just that yesterday you people were allowed in and some TV wallah saw us...but you TV wallahs show things which are worse than porn.

Me: You mean all TV should be banned.

BJP minister 2: Yes, yes..but worse than the TV wallahs is google, facebook, yahoo...and 21 other websites who corrupt our culture.

Me: But I asked you about those video clips you were watching....surely google did not send it to you.

BJP minister 1: You dont understand we are VIPs we are allowed to see..only citizens of Bangalore are not allowed rave parties.

Me: But surely, the clip was porn not a rave party.

BJP minister 2: We see such things to ensure how we can stop them.

Me: But how?

BJP minister 1: The clip on my phone was not was rape.

Me: Rape???

BJP minister 1: Yes, yes, three men raped a woman.

Me: But why would you like to see that?

BJP minister 1: It is of such importance to us...that we were planning to raise the matter in the vidhan sauda. I don't like sex. I am a social worker.

BJP minister 2: We are not like Bihar BJP MLAS who molest and get stabbed by a school teacher.

Me: Yes, yes, i know about the case..but he too was from BJP.

BJP minister 2: You don't watch TV..even our leader Arun Jaitley said us watching clip was personal matter and had nothing to do with the BJP.

Me: But surely you watched it in the assembly....its the temple of democracy.

BJP minister 1: Aaah don't teach us..please...we know more about temples than you do....besides have you visited Khajuraho?

Me: yes, but thats like sex education, its in art form..

BJP minister 2: Yes, even in school children have comulsory sex education class and we are adults.

Me: Its seems you are not bothered about even losing the elections..women voters are very angry in your constituencies.

BJP minister 1: No, are wrong....they don't even know about this because we cut out power and bought all the newspapers ourselves.

Me: But thats censorship. I thought only Kapil Sibal had the power to censor.

BJP minister 2: What Karnataka..Shri Ram Sene is more powerful but they support us.

Me: But why would Shri Ram Sene support you...

BJP minister 3: They respect us because we gave them the idea to attack drinking women and they got so many pink chaddis after that..that they have become very rich `Pink Chaddi Exporters'.

Me: But surely, all this is not written in your party manifesto.

BJP minister 2: What manifesto..even our President hasn't read them..and voters don't read manifestos. Are you a communist?

Me: No, no..i am definitely not a communist.

BJP minister: Then why are raising such an issue...BJP is a very respectable party and we want to save Indian culture.

Me: But then why do you want dress code for women?

BJP minister: We don't like seeing women in short skirts.

Me: But you watch porn..surely short skirts is decent.

BJP minister 2: Decent, no, no..its invitation to rape..even Bombay High Court has a dress code in place for foreigners !

Me: At least you should feel guilty.

BJP minister 1: Guilty why? First wait for inquiry. We will show them all our porn clips.

Me: But culture is about restraint..and I am sure the Congress Party has a point to are morally corrput..But I wonder why BJP minister 3 has been silent all along?

BJP minister 3: I wanted to raise an important issue in the assembly..I was only watching Congress Governor Narain Dutt Tiwari's sex video !!!

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