Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good People Party

By Manuwant Choudhary

The other perhaps the only BJP politician who is been making the right noises and the BJP is worried that they may have to make him the next chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and if they don't then all the good people from all the parties would simply start a new party called the Good People Party.

Varun says there are good and bad people in every party so all the good people should get together to form a new party called the Good People Party.

So I met him this morning to help him locate the good people.

The first good man who came to my mind was our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh but Varun shot his name down...

Varun: "Dr. Singh is not a good man anymore..see how he threw the German out of India for opposing India's nuclear energy project..."

Me: What about Advaniji?

Varun: I am not like Ravishankar who shows respect to Advaniji only on national TV..and he is my leader...but we have to think of all the people of India and many in India think he was a good man only before he went on his Rath Yatra.

Me: What about Vajpayeeji?

Varun: Vajpayeeji is a bachelor so he can't be that good.

Me: And that Narendra Modi, see how he has developed Gujarat...

Varun: Narendra Modi does nnot like to be a good man...he likes to be a bad-man good chief minister of Gujarat !

Me: And what about Nitish Kumar?

Varun: Nitish is only good for the newspapers..journalists have to sit in their offices and without writing anything they get crores of rupees worth of ads.

Me: And Mamata Didi?

Varun: Aah, you mean you are not aware of her nephew who slapped the traffic police.

Me: What about those BJP MLAs who watch porn in the assembly?

Varun: Are you mad? Imagine starting a Good People Party with them as founding members.

Me: Ok, Ok your brother-in-law Robert Vadra..surely he is a good man..and he has been saying that if the people want him he would like to serve them through politics.

Varun: Aah, you think any businessman can be a good man..even when they talk of service..they have some telecom service in mind. I have given you the criteria why dont you find at least two good people and come back tomorrow.

Me: Sure I will try and see.

Varun (Next Day): Have you found them?

Me, Yes, yes, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka !

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