Tuesday, February 28, 2012

India's Angry Baba's !

By Manuwant Choudhary

Everyone seems angry this election season but I like an angry Ramdev Baba the most not because I support his socialist ideas but because when he is angry he attacks the establishment like very few have in recent years.

And after the Supreme Court indictment of the police action at Ram Leela grounds Ramdev seems to be having the last word.

In Goa against a large hoarding `Save Goa' the Baba talks about not just saving Goa but also bringing back the black money stashed away in foreign banks so that India can have a tax free regime for 20 years !

The Baba may be a businessman but definitely no economist but he rattles off the figures in crores to impress his listeners with much confidence and in between tells them in simple terms how the Indian government through inflation is cheating everyone, simply by printing money the economy can little afford.

The past few months have been particularly bad for India's Congress government with the Supreme Court cancelling 122 telecom licences and pulling up the government almost every day. But government ministers on television debates defend the government saying the government has not been indicted.

And this is what Ramdev Baba tells his followers, "Yeh jo kendra sarkar hai yeh gaon ke uss aadmee kee tarah hai jise jooton ka maala pehna kar, gadhe pe baitha kar poore gaon mein ghumaya jaata hai poore din aur sham mein wo aadmee kehta hai ki jaante ho aaj meri izzaat aaj jaate jaate bachee."

(Its like the story of the man who is taken around the village on a donkey and made to wear a garland of shoes but in the eveining he says that you know my respect was just saved today.)

As for an angry Rahul Baba he tears up a piece of paper saying its the Samajwadi Party manifesto but a close-up reveals the paper had names of leaders of his own party. Socialist too !

But the real people who are angry are the family members of the fishermen who get mistakenly killed by Italian guards thinking they were pirates and now India's foriegn minister is trying to resolve the murder with his Italian counterpart.

And why not, otherwise Sonia would be angry !

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