Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nitin Gadkari Had A Great Fall !

By Manuwant Choudhary

The best part of democracy is falling governments and falling politicians and is not unusual to see entire stages collapse under the weight of their leaders.

Not that these are heavyweight leaders...they are all lightweight...but heavy as in fat.

And just too many get onto the wooden stages...

If a local goon is stopped the party will lose the elections.

Gone are the days when you would see just one politician addressing a rally.

Ofcourse, when stages collapse national and local TV have a field day..otherwise Indian politics is getting pretty boring....why should anyone be interested in UP elections or Robert Vadra....maybe Priyanka..but definitely Vadra...no..noo....

But actually Nitin Gadkari fell not because of the above reasons...its just that he had ten gulab jaomns for breakfast and as the stage collapsed..Mr. Gadkari's stomach churned and the gulabjamons inside got all worried.....

Gulab Jamon 1: Saheb should just eat 1 gulab jamon.

Gulab Jamon 2: no, no one is not enough i think two is ok..

Gulab Jamon 3: 3 is saheb's lucky number..

Gulab Jamon 4: saheb is a hindu leader and he knows that even when you die..you need four to lift the body ...and in saheb's case you would need four weightlifters.

Gulab Jamon 5: I am from kashmir..and since kashmir is an intergral part of India how can saheb not eat me.

Gulab Jaomn 5: I am from Kanyakumari...and when BJP leaders mention Kashmir..they say Kashmir Se Kanyakumari tak.

Gulab Jamon 6: Well, I am from Mumbai...from the best mithaiwalla there..only Mercedes customers eat me...and if saheb refused me Balasaheb would get angry and an upset stomach is safer than an upset Balasaheb.

Gulab Jamon 7: Not 3, 7 is saheb's lucky number.

Gulab Jamon 8: Saheb's car number plates are VIP and they all end with a big fat 8...even the car where a young girl was found dead in Nagpur.

Gulab Jamon 9: I am from Nagpur..his home..so if he doesn't eat me his wife would get angry.

Gulab Jamun 10: Saheb is BJP president at all...he has to travel to 28 states..and growing..if he doesnt eat me..then India would collapse.

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