Thursday, February 2, 2012

BJP Goons Attack Bihar Journalist

By Manuwant Choudhary

In Bihar there is change... BJP goons have replaced Laloo's goons....a few days ago The Pioneer assistant editor Amarnath Tiwari was enjoying the sun and watering plants at his Charminar apartment residence when a lady Mrs. Madhu Verma arrived with her son Rituraj and accused him of pilfering petrol from her parked car...and suddenly goons arrived and assaulted Amarnath..even pointing a pistol.

The police arrive on the scene and help Mrs. Verma lodge the first FIR although its Amarnath's family who called the police.

The local BJP MLA Arun Sinha is a daily visitor of Mrs. Verma as she is a BJP member and the wife of the younger brother of the late BJP MP Shailendranath Srivastava.

No one was arrested, even while goons stood armed in front of the city SP.

Bailable sections applied and all were let off.

The incident has broken the eerie silence that pervades these days in Bihar ever since Nitish Kumar became chief minister.

Today when the Supreme Court judgement came in on the telecom issue I was amused to hear BJP leader Arun Jaitley suddenly mention good governance in Bihar.

Obviously he did that to score a point over his rival Congress with an eye on the UP elections.

But for all Indians let it be known that Bihar remains as critical as ever.

If anything the media has been silenced by grants and advertisements and threats and assaults.

The Pioneer is a pro BJP newspaper with its editor Chandan Mitra even being their Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha, yet their journalist was assauleted at 11 am and the culprits all roam freely.

Its Amarnath who has to take a bail.

What kind of country do we live in?

What happens to ordinary citizens can't be imagined.

There are police stations in Bihar with no telephones.

You can Dial 100 and no one will pick up.

If anything this is `Sushashan for Goons and Dacoits'.

A group of journalists sought an appointment with the chief minister Nitish Kumar but five days later no response from him yet.

And the deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi..the man who loudly fought against Laloo's jungle raj....says Mrs. Madhu Verma's son works at Indus Ind Bank and since he draws a 1 lakh rupee salary he cannot assault anyone. The local MLA Arun Sinha is Modi's man so its not suprising why the BJP is now in support of Jungle Raj.

A BJP Mahila Morcha has even intervened in the matter, while Amarnath is being pressured by BJP leaders to go in for a compromise.

Compromise with Goons?


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