Thursday, October 11, 2012

Laloo `ONLINE' !

By Manuwant Choudhary

Laloo Yadav has been trying to revive his lost fortunes at a time Nitish Kumar faces public flak but in Jamui today he was at his `Online' best....

It was his take on Nitish Kumar's computerisation program....

"Ab sab cheez hai `Online....35 lakh teachers sat for an examination `ONLINE' and they put `BLUETOOTH' in their collars...and 34 lakh FAILED `ONLINE'.

"Then even if you don't know how to drive you can get a driving licence `ONLINE'.

"Jameen ka raseed bhee ONLINE...AB raseed kaatne waala bhee bekar (5 lakh people unemployed)

Aur TAX bhee ONLINE !

Phir koi pareeksha bhee nahin...Grade milega.. A, B, C, D, sab ONLINE....

Aur poora Bihar Lik laurha le patthar ONLINE...(everyone will pass, no one will fail, but they will not know how to even sign their own names)

Just then a listener in the crowd faints (from hearing him or the heat)

The man is helped onto the dias with Laloo suggesting he be  given water to drink but that does not help and everyone seems worried (what happens if he dies on stage?)

Laloo, "Arre le jao, le jao...haspataal le jao...meri gaaree se le jao..."(take him to hospital in my car)

The man is lifted and taken off the stage but Laloo's partymen are kind to the poor in words not deeds so his men leave the man on the floor offstage...and Laloo quips,

"Arre utha ke le jao ONLINE thode chala jayega...")You will have to take him to hospital he can't go to the hospital ONLINE !)

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