Sunday, October 7, 2012

What corruption? Its a gift......

By Manuwant Choudhary

I wonder who is more corrupt - the BJP or the Congress but I take it that since the Congress Party has been longer in power they would be more corrupt.

So when India's Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh wants to take tough economic decisions he first announces a bill to promote dalits to high places....just so as to keep the Paswans and Mayawatis on his side.

But Mulayamji opposed the move.

I am not sure if there has ever been a dalit president of the Congress Party.

And remember Babu Jagjivan Ram, India's dalit defence minister, when India won the Bangladesh war, but Mrs. Indira Gandhi did not give him any credits.

Later, when emergency was imposed Jagjivan Babu, a cabinet minister, was not even consulted.

So he resigned and joined the Janata Party which came to power ousting Indira.

The current Speaker of India's parliament is his daughter  Meira Kumar....

Like the Congress Party nowadays focusses only on the irrigation scam in Maharashtra as if the Kosi scams never took place and Maruti never happened.

But yes Nitin Gadkari is a fine man but he does look like soft towards contractors just as the Congress is to the builders lobby.

I think we have lost count of all the corruption cases independent India has seen....its worse than a tsunami.

And whats worse when after 15 years Bihar throws out a Laloo for his role in the fodder scam only to find another case suggesting Nitish Kumar also took crores from Shyam Behari Sinha - the fodder scam prime accuesed - to contest elections...

But Laloo is drawing larger crowds these days while Nitish gets black flags the Bihar police strip all those who wear black shirts - and a shirtless Bihari is worse.

But Laloo suggests its not enough....should only old people attend Nitish rallies...after all people do have black hair. Or should they shave to attend a rally?

If black was such an offensive colour I wish our politicians did something about Black money too.

The debate on corruption is not going anywhere....we even elect the corrupt again and again...and if we take them to with Mayawati - the Supreme Courts absolves her of all charges....its all a gift.

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