Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Real Green Revolution

By Manuwant Choudhary

This driverless autonomous tractor by John Deere still under development is the real Green Revolution and not what the Congress Party talks about in Punjab.

This tractor is remote controlled via satellite and a  computer so you can plough your field without having to step out of your home.

In the fifties when India got its freedom many US tractor manufacturers wanted to set up base in India but the Congress leaders said that farming by the bullock was best for India.

At the time the bullock was their election symbol.

So while India kept voting for the bullock, India's farmers became poor.

There was very little investment in agriculture and technology in India and an over dependence on manual labour and fertiliser from state-run government corporations.

I was speaking to a John Deere India representative and he said that Indian farmers cannot afford to buy their products.

Automations have taken place in some pockets of India and it is the crudely manufactured implements in the small scale sector that has brought some relief to the Indian farmer, making it possible for him to even continue his vacation.

When elections near our politicians start talking about helping the farmer, like even now our Prime Minister says how FDI in retail is going to help the Indian farmer.

The truth is farmers are exploited all the way.

In the local markets prices are very low and where they are high the farmers have no access to them.

And maybe no means or volumes to send his produce.

China has less acreage under cultivation than India but its yield is thrice as much.

If China can do it, why can't India?

The farmers distress is telling in Maharashtra where thousands have committed suicide.

India's neglect of the farm sector is criminal.

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