Friday, November 28, 2008

Breaking News: 2 terrorists shot dead at Oberoi-Trident

Two terrorists have been shot dead at the Oberoi Trident according to National Security Guard chief J.K. Dutta and he said that now both the Oberoi and TRident is under full control of the Indian scuirty forces.

Two AK-47s have been recovered from them and a pistol alongwith many unexploded grenades.

This seems to be a breakthrough for the commandos after more than 40 hours of gunbattle, which has led to more than 125 persons being killed and over 350 injured.

A room-to-room search was undertaken by the commandos, even using small explosives, to blast open the doors to open them and get the terrorists.

No news yet of how many are still inside the Oberoi Hotel but the casualties may be heavy.

The commandos are now going to make sure that there are no further problems within the Oberoi Hotel.

Now finally, the Indian media are not taking the security forces version totally at face value..considering it is a very complex operation and one can never be sure how many terrorists are still around.

But any little achievment is cause for occasional celeberations.

Gunbattles continue at the Taj Mahal and at Nariman House.

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