Sunday, November 16, 2008


Tibetan's from around the world meet in Dharamshala this week for a key discussion on the future of Tibet, following an invitation from The Dalai Lama who says that his `middle road' approach since the early 70's may not be leading anywhere.

On November 14 on his website the Dalai Lama said, "Taking into account the inspiring courage being shown by people all over Tibet this year, the current world situation, and the present intransigent stance of the government of the PRC, all the participants, as Tibetan citizens should discuss in a spirit of equality, cooperation and collective responsibility the best possible future course of action to advance the Tibetan cause. This meeting should take place in an atmosphere of openness, putting aside partisan debate. Rather, it should focus on the aspirations and views of the Tibetan people. I appeal to everyone concerned to work together to contribute as best as they can."

"This Special Meeting is being convened with the express purpose of providing a forum to understand the real opinions and views of the Tibetan people through free and frank discussions. It must be clear to all that this special meeting does not have any agenda for reaching a particular predetermined outcome. "

From peace-loving Tibetans to former guerillas waiting for the Dalai Lama to give direction, this meet is critical as His Holiness says that he believes in democracy and ultimately the people will decide how they want to struggle for Tibet.

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