Friday, November 28, 2008

48 Hours Of Terror in Bombay

Its 48 hours since the terrorists attacked Bombay and India...and the bombs have not stopped yet.

At the Taj Mahal Hotel large blasts can be heard and one is really not sure how many terrorists are still inside.

At Nariman House, the operation has been completed with 5 terrorists having been killed.

Nariman House saw some fierce fighting.

But it also saw India's elite National Security Guards in action..clearing neighbouring homes, cordoning the area completely before proceeding floor by floor, room by room, being fired upon all the time.

And then being airdropped by helicopters.

Taking charge of the building.

And then a caliberated assault...trying their level best to save the hostages.

One NSG commando shot dead here.

Yet, the operation continued.

It continued despite even blasts which sounded loud enough to scare anyone.

Into the valley of death.

Of course, the 5 hostages were killed by the terrorists.

Yet, the child of the rabbi is miraculously rescued by her nanny.


Indiavikalp salutes all those who laid down their lives for India.

Indiavikalp grieves alongwith those who lost lives.

Indiavikalp also attempts to make some sense out of all this senselessness.


The NSG also finally cleared the Oberoi-Trident Hotel...inch-by-inch.

But the bombs continue at the Taj Mahal.

And I'm very far from the city I I cannot sleep.

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