Saturday, November 29, 2008

India's Home Minister Shivraj Patil Resigns

By Manuwant Choudhary

India's Home Minister Shivraj Patil resigns after facing huge criticisms of handling the terror attacks on Bombay...the resignation has been sent to the Prime Minister.

India also intends to review its relations with Pakistan, including ending ceasefire that has been in place for five years.

Its also reported that Pakistan is also moving troops on India's borders..taking them away from the Afghanistan border.

An all-party meeting is to take place in New Delhi on the terror issue.

A strong line may be adopted at this meet as India now claims proof of satelite phone records of the terrorists show that the terrorists were in touch with Muzammil alis Yusuf who is in-charge of Lashkar's anti-India operations. Ajmal A. Qasib, the only arrested terrorist, has reportedly told investigators that the founder of Lashkar-e-Toiba Zakiur Rahman too a direct interest in the anti-Bombay plot.

Its also said now that the terrorists travelled towards Bombay from Karachi by a Pakistani vessel, Al Hussaini, before they hijacked the Kuber, a fishing trawler, killed all its sailors, except one who took them ashore. The last sailor was killed when Kuber reached Bombay's shore.

There is a huge pressure on India's politicians now to act yet politicians continue to say things that only anger the people.

Like Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil saying, "In such big cities such small incidents are bound to happen."

One resignation is not enough, all political parties must own responsibility for failing to protect Indians.

The slain anti-terror squad chief Hemant Karkare's wife Mrs. Karkare refused a crore of rupees offered by Narendra Modi, the hardline BJP chief minister of Gujarat, who along with India's leader of opposition L.K. Advani and their coalition partners the Shiv Sena were accusing Mr. Karkare of being a polical agent of the Congress Party. They had even filed a case in the High Court against him.

Mrs. Karkare also refused to meet Raj Thackeray.

Its shocking that the Congress Working Committee meets in New Delhi and the spokesman talks about another federal agency to tackle terror?

Its like saying that with a raging fire on...the government saying we will now start dig a well to see if we can find the water to douse the flames.

And then they remind us of the Congress being the party that won India its freedom and protects its soveriegnty.

We are not interested in the past or the future. Lets hear what you are doing now.

Now even Maharastra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh is reported to be resigning.

BJP calls is `Too Little, too late'. Well, er, did Mr. L.K. Advani resign as Home Minister after parliament was attacked??

Didn't the BJP too surrender to terrorists in the Kandahar plane hijacking incident?

Resignations are only to distract the citizens just like the terrorists burnt down the rooms to distract our commandos.

For gods sake, the enemies of India have attacked us.

What would you do if you were India's Prime Minister?


Sauvik said...

If I was PM then I would try and ensure we have less enemies. But the personnel of our The State have too many enemies themselves - just see their VVIP security apparatus.

Anonymous said...

There is a country full of people wanting to help...its manpower that most governments are envious of..

give them some direction!! let them feel they can help...allow them to partake in the change they are dreaming of.

- P Merchant