Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hostages Crisis Still On...Its An Attack on India

Its morning now and from the images one can see smoke smouldering from the Taj Mahal Hotel more clearly but hostages are still held at the Taj Mahal Hotel and the Trident....this is an attack on India.

Some 200 National Security Guards have flown in from New Delhi and have taken up positions within the hotel.

Its not clear why NSGs are kept in New Delhi only considering India is a large country and even to fly from New Delhi to Bombay it will take 2 hours and in this precious time precious lives are lost including those of men in uniform.

Shouldn't there be NSGs in India's economic capital?

Bombay has had a history of terrorist attacks and communal riots so this is not surprising.

It is of course surprising for our politicians.

Politicians who have been campaigning on the `terrorist' plank for the upcoming elections.

Politicians who have been fighting over `Muslim' terrorism and `Hindu' terrorism and the media joining in.

The media too analysing India through prisms of caste, religion and region.

But India is under attack.

And we do not know who the faceless cowards are.

One story is that 26 terrorists chose to enter Bombay on November 26 by boat at Arthur Bunder near the Gateway of India.

Today, Bombay is completely shut.

As India fights its enemies from outside and within.

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