Friday, November 28, 2008

Grenades being launched at Taj Mahal Hotel

By Manuwant Choudhary

Its fighting at its firecest at the Taj Mahal Hotel...the army has positioned grenade launchers outside the hotel and already several grenades have been launched at rooms where terrosists are suspected to be holed.

There is a large presence of national and now even international media..but what is surprising is not just the terror attacks but the way the media covers them.

ndtv for example switches off the Lives and goes to recorded versions as a form of `self-censorship' so as to not give vital clues to terrorists also watching television..and perhaps communicating with their freinds inside but other newschannels continue doing live one really wonders whether this helps.

Also while the media talks about a security failure and sheer unpreparedness, not one journalist covering the terror attacks have bullet proof jackets themselves. Clearly, even the India media moghuls do not really care as long as they get their pictures and stories.

But we are living in the century of terror. The media should also be prepared.

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