Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Terrorist on the Taj Mahal Dance Floor

An injured terrorist is on the Taj Mahal dance floor according to GOC-in -Chief Lieutenant General Noble Thamburaj a top military general addressing..."He is moving on two floors and there may be one more terrorist. We killed two terrorists yesterday. But there are rooms which are still shut."

The Lt. Gen said, "Our men heard a ladies voice and a man's voice so there could be hostages at the Taj Mahal Hotel."

At Oberoi -Trident a terrorist has been killed and some 50 guests have been evacuated...they include westerners with liitle babies in their arms as well as burqa-clad muslim women from arab countries.

But there are more terrorists at the Oberoi-Trident and it could be some time before the final assault here.

At the Nariman House reports suggest terrorists fire randomly at police and bystanders on the road.

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