Friday, November 28, 2008

Pakistan Agrees To Send ISI Chief To India

News coming in suggests that Pakistan is sending the ISI Chief to India.

But operations are not over, yet.

Its worrying that even while there is so much uncertainty...there is no unity amongst Indian political parties.

First both Dr.Manmohan Singh and leader of opposition L.K. Advani agreed to visit Bombay together as a show of unity.

And then Mr.Advani comes to Bombay on his own and makes meaningless public statements.

Then worse, an angry India's minister of state for Home Sri Prakash Jaiswal comes to Bombay and brazenly criticizes L.K. Advani and even state governments, even his own, for not implementing police reforms etc.

Then there are advertisements all over television a BJP campaign saying `Congress Mahngee Padee'..and a Congress ad campaign in reply, "Congress Mahngee Nahin, bhaaree padee.'

Surely, this is not the time for all this.

And I do not believe Indian's deserve such leaders.

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irajeshme said...

politicians are like marketeers, just a lot more murkier..they have an inherent quality of turning crisis into opportunities, like vultures feeding on the dead.

yu expect parasites to hunt...ha!