Friday, November 28, 2008

5 hostages found dead, 2 terrorists killed at Nariman House

Five hostages have been found dead at Nariman House, its feared that the rabbi and his wife are among those dead, while two terrorists have been killed at Nariman House.

But the operation is still on and some firing is reported.

It may be the commandos are not taking any chances.

The crowds that had earlier emerged have been controlled and pushed back on the main street, but many said they were not getting the live images on TV so they cam to see themselves live.

Its shocking that we still treat this like a India-Pakistan cricket match.

And the operation is certainly not over either at the Taj Mahal or at Nariman House.

So far 8 terrorists are reported killed but this is a job done by many more people who may still be spread out around the city.

One does not see any reason to celebrate.

Yes, one needs to get back to work, to offices, schools and colleges.

As the Bombay Stock Exchange has shown us by opening on the second day itself and performing well.

Just remember we must defeat the ultimate motive of the terrorists.

India cannot be scared or defeated, every year, every month, every day, every minute and every second that we live.

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