Thursday, November 27, 2008

Indian Navy Surrounds a Terror Suspect Ship MV Alpha

IBN - 7, a Hindi-language TV newschannel, reports that the Indian naval ships have surrounded a ship MV Alpha, suspected to have been used by the terrorists...when they arrived from Karachi, Pakistan. (the ship is reported to be registered in Vietnam)

However, this piece of news is still unconfirmed as the ships needs to be searched for actual proof of presence of arms and ammunition on board.

The body of Anti-Terror Squad Hemant Karkare is brought home..where people in large numbers pay their last respects to India's hero.

The firing and bomb blasts continue at the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Oberoi-Trident and Nariman House, where hostages are still held.

Some 5 Taj Hotel chef amongs the 15 staff are reported killed.

14 policemen have been killed in action, while the total death toll is now 125 and 350 injured.

Aside, there is this other news coming in that India's former Prime Minister V.P. Singh, who championed the controversial caste-based reservations, has died at the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi.

Most TV channels do not have this news carries it as a footnote.

What an irony? Nobody knows the caste of those brave policemen who fight for India in Mumbai today.

If they have a caste - its called humanity.


trend4caster said...

It hould be noted here that all the policemen who have died are marathi speaking maharashtrian people and not a single north indian from lallu and mulayam's area.
The people from other staes are here to rob this city for their selfishness but not there when it is time to fight the terror.
long live so called national unity

nirvan said...

Even at this time of extreme difficult times for India like this, when we should be united as INDIAN your comment on maharashtrians/non-maharashtrians is most regrettable and you should be shameful of such a comment. At this moment we should stand as a country and not on some stupid sense of regionalism....Jai Hind!!


Very true Nirvan. Aint you ashamed of yourself Trend4caster. I would pray for all the people involved in this be it from any state or caste. Long Live the Nation!!!!!

Nitin said...

Trend4Caster - u ugly son of a bitch.. don't u have any shame.

why don't u suck your own balls..

Bloody sadist. Thank God that we only have few species of your kind..

Indian for Life.

True Bharati said...

It is VITAL for all Indians and world citizens too to stand together at this vital point in crisis. Our nation is the greatest in the World BECAUSE of our shared values of Satya, Justice and Love for Humankind. It is a very stupid and unnecessary comment by an ignorant person ‘trend4caster’. Don’t let such silly, un-Indian comments affect you.

Don’t worry. India and Indians are TOO Strong to let some stupid vermin like these terrorists affect our national pride or strength. It was unfortunate that such an attack was not stopped or intercepted in time, but then again, many countries, such as the US, UK and Spain have faced unexpected attacks too.

Let us all pray for the hostages trapped and hope that the least damage is done by these little rakhshasas before they are destroyed by our amazing defense forces. The whole CIVILISED world is rooting for India.

Hari Om, Jai Hind!

irajeshme said...

technically telling yu mr. trend, state police has only recruits from the state itself. its a law.
more over if your clan would have allowed lallus and mulayam,s people to do your policing, they would have died and your people would have been sitting writing stupid comments on blog.
and possibly some better policing as well..Bihar does not have such incidents...we also do not have a taj or an oberoi though..thats a different matter.

jai too

irajeshme said...

I have been told...Maharashtra govt. has asked for Bihar regiment for help..also..for yr info..the max deaths from a single regiment in kargil was from Bihar.

But I would still light my candles for the "Ma Po Sey" - Maharahstra Police Seva.

Prasoon said...

@trend4caster :- It is very sad that Mr.trend4caster is again looking for the division and not for the unity.
Whoever died and wherever it happened,
It was India first.
I am also proud of Maharashtra's Police (though I am not from Maharashtra) for their this act but still fueling the regional divide at this point of time is the last worst thing to be happened.I strongly believe Mr.trend4caster should immediately appolize for his certain part of comments or at least should delete his comment if he is too shamed of apploizing.
Long live India and Indians.

Anonymous said...

Dear ALL,
Certainly this is a wakening call for the whole world. Apart from posting emotional and racist comments on the site we should think what we have done and where we are wrong? To blame anyone is quite easy and pointing fingers at others take less than a second; we should always avoid that no matter what happen! One should look first and take care of own internal problems and security issues and secondly we should have enough evidence to blame others and attract international attention. Furthermore the media is the root cause for the propaganda as they want to cut the diplomatic relations b/w the two countries. If you listen properly to some news channels I will not give out the names to ensure privacy and confidentiality; one can figure there allegations are baseless as the news they are broadcasting has not been proved and lacks evidence; just aiming without a target. No other channels are broadcasting the news which they are; which is just to add up spice and increase hatred amongst two nations. My friendly suggestion is that in this kind of crisis instead of acting as a racist we should calm down and atleast cooperate with each other and the next door neighbours to fight the terrorism as their land is also under their attacks and they never blamed their friendly neighbours India. Otherwise its easier to blame others and carpeting own internal problems. Think about it with a cool head. This life is short and certainly not for war infact we should always spread the message of PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY. Please keep your calm and do not give emotional, racist and strong comments as its a matter of two nations and do not forget people builds the nation. With hatred and war more blood shed which I strongly disapprove. I would like to have your feedback on my comments.

Anonymous said...

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