Thursday, November 27, 2008

Now Explosions at Taj Mahal Hotel

Just when the media began reporting that the Taj Mahal Hotel had been cleared of the terrorists...a loud explosion is heard from the new building of the Taj Mahal Hotel.

On ndtv a guest trapped in the hotel Mr. Deepak said the explosions were the loudest he had heard. "Everything shook in the room. And I heard people running in the corridor."

The media had earlier begun reporting that the Taj operatin was `over' but Deepak who is still within the hotel said that was not correct. "If it had been over I would be out of the hotel. The hotel management were very professional at the peak of the crisis but now I cannot get across to the lobby telephone which seems to be busy. But I can call outside telephone lines."

Nariman House at Colaba also reports an explosion is said that Jewish familes live in this building who may have been held hostage by the terrorists.

Hotels, hospitals and even homes being made targets by the terrorists.

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