Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maharashtra bans Hindi film `Deshdrohi'

By Manuwant Choudhary

`Deshdrohi' means a traitor and this Hindi film based on the anti-north Indian campaign is being banned by the Maharashtra government as they cannot maintain `law and order;.

The writer, producer, director Kamaal Khan began on the script a year ago and his main protagonist is `Raj' a youth who comes to Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh in search of a job and faces the anti-north Indian wrath and is compelled to pick up a pistol.

A strange coincidence as the youth from Patna shot dead in Mumbai last month was ironically also `Raj'.

A case where reel becomes real even before the films realease. Those discussing the legality of a youth carrying a pistol in a Mumbai bus could find some of their questions answered by this film.

Kamaal Khan says in the film, "Haan haan main bhaiya hoon..lekin main iss desh se pyaar karta hoon...aaj yeh kah rahe hain ki Mumbai chodo, kal koi aur kahega Dilli chodo aur phir koi aur kahega kee desh chodo." (Yes, I am from the north..but I love India. Now they are telling us to leave Mumbai, then someone else will tell us to leave Delhi and then someone that we must leave our country.)

Gracy Singh sizzles in this film as always.

So if you live in Maharashtra and still want to watch this film you can travel to India.

Mumbai is not India.


Sauvik said...

This is the curse of a "politics" that is about "groups," however defined.

The solution lies in a politics of individualism, which is Liberalism, the philosophy of individual rights, individual liberty and private property.

Barun said...

Yet another assault on freedom of expression. And it shows, that it does not matter which party is in power in which state, there is no political voice left to defend such a basic freedom. Intolerance of dissent is only a small step away from intolerance. And if dissent is suppressed, can democracy be left untouched?