Sunday, November 30, 2008

Commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's father shuts door on Kerala Chief Minister

By Manuwant Choudhary

The father of Commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan shut the door on Kerala chief minister who had come to pay condolences. He said, "For two days you have not sent even a message and why are you coming now? Sandeep is my son, my only son. I do not want slogans and politics over my son."

The reaction of Sandeep's father is the reaction of every citizen of India.

The Maharashtra Chief Minister takes his actor son and a Bollywood film director Ram Gopal Verma to see the sets of the Taj Mahal Hotel.

Ram Gopal Verma perhaps has a film on mind (funded by the underworld).

At the all party meeting the leader of the opposition does not even attend.

The Prime Minister finally admits that India will get for more NSG centres.

The Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil who said earlier `In big cities such small incidents are bound to happen,' says he will never resign.

A finance minister P. Chidambaram is made the Home Minister, the PM made finance minister!

Does the Congress Party not have even a man fit to be a Home Minister??

Another news: The Bombay police got warning of terrorist attacks even 24 hours before the incident.

And considering I am a journlist I should warn our citizens to beware of people posing as journalists: Swapan Dasgupta, Arun Shourie, M.J. Akbar....they are all members of political parties, they are not journalists. And now they shed tears. But they do not resign from their parties.

TV channels are finally not showing Amitabh Bachan and the King Khan's.

Business channels are finally not glossing India's growth stories.

Rahul Bajaj is finally saying his government has failed.

CII is finally not talking about grabbing farmers lands.

But viewers are anxious, what will they watch once this is all over?

5 terrorists are still missing..they have disappeared into mainland India?

News channels become speculators...which city next?

What will the next series on Big Boss have?

The girlfreind of Ajmal A. Qasib?

Will our news channels go back to counting caste votes and enjoying helicopter rides with the politicians?

Will top journalists just say everything in India is a `fait acompli'?

How much of Burkha Dutt will be enough? For Burkha as with TV `Enough Is Never Enough'.

One journalist Sreenivasan Jain stands out in all he reports...just reports..and nothing else.

India is waking up, but will our political caste wake up, ever?


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Anonymous said...

if you want something form a common people like me of this country pl. tell me how can i cotriburte

Abhilasha said...

hi It sickens me that such politicians are still ruling.Sonia gandhi and her set of monkeys should be oust from the system.our country needs military rule nas yes ofcourse politicians like the one trown out of unnikrishnan's house should be attacked with dung cakes on their faces.bloody idiots.
wish these politicians had died instead of our brave men


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Nadia said...

I am so happy to have found this blog. On commondreams today I read a very hopeful statement from people in India and Pakistan. Was it published in all Indian newspapers? I wish it was!

A Statement by Concerned Citizens of India and Pakistan
The truth about who are directly involved in this brutal incident and who could be the culprits behind the scene is yet to come out and we do not wish to indulge in any guesswork or blame game at this point. However, one is intrigued at its timing. Can it be termed a coincidence that it has happened on the day the Home Secretaries of the two countries concluded their talks in Islamabad and announced several concrete steps to move forward in the peace process, such as the opening of several land routes for trade - Kargil, Wagah-Attari, Khokhropar etc -, relaxation in the visa regime, a soft and liberal policy on the issue of release of prisoners and joint efforts to fight terrorism? Again, is it just a coincidence that on this fateful day the Foreign Minister of Pakistan was in the Indian capital holding very useful and productive talks with his Indian counterpart? One thing looks crystal clear. The enemies of peace and friendship between the two countries, whatever be the label under which they operate, are un-nerved by these healthy developments and are hell bent on torpedoing them.

We are of the considered opinion that the continued absence of peace in South Asia - peace between and within states - particularly in relation to India and Pakistan , is one of the root causes of most of the miseries the people of the region are made to endure. It is the major reason why our abundantly resource-rich subcontinent is wallowing in poverty, unemployment, disease, and ignorance and why militarism, religious and sectarian violence and political, economic and social injustice are eating into the very vitals of our societies, even after more than six decades of independence from colonial rule.

At this moment of unmitigated tragedy, the first thing we call upon the Governments of India and Pakistan to do is to acknowledge the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people of India and Pakistan ardently desire peace and, therefore, the peace process must be pursued with redoubled speed and determination on both sides.

We urge upon the governments of India and Pakistan to immediately take the following steps:

1. Cessation of all hostile propaganda against each other;
2. Joint action to curb religious extremism of all shades in both countries;
3. Continue and intensify normalization of relations and peaceful resolution of all conflicts between the two countries;
4. Facilitation of trade and cooperation between the two countries and in all of South Asia . We welcome the fact that the Srinagar-Muzaffarab ad and Poonch-Rawlakot borders have been opened for trade and that the opening of the road between Kargil and Skardu is in the pipeline.
5. Immediate abolition of the current practice of issuing city-specific and police reporting visa and issue country-valid visa without restrictions at arrival point, simultaneously initiating necessary steps to introduce as early as possible a visa-free travel regime, to encourage friendship between the peoples of both countries;
6. Declaration by India and Pakistan of No First Use of atomic weapons;
7. Concrete measures towards making South Asia nuclear-free;
8. Radical reduction in military spending and end to militarisation.

Read more at:

Peace/ Nadia

Saakshi said...

It sounds absurd to me that people are talking peace after the harm is done, the war is declared and I we not start did any of it. US would like that we not take any military action against pakistan as it may dilute their action against terrorist forces in their own country. I think there are answers that need to be given, an attack on the parliament some years back and now they have gone for major attack on Mumbai, we should not wait for a third reminder. Military action can not be suspended as an option. We have to keep it alive, if it should be avoided then it should be avoided with stringent action against the criminals who have refuge in Pakistan.
The subcontinent is not wallowing in poverty because of wars, Bangladesh is not engaged in wars since 1972 and is still very poor. And yes there are some elements in the subcontinent engaged in encouraging war, but the deterrent to them is not by sitting and facing their atrocities and staying quiet about them. I think the pakistanis can alone sign this "peace" initiatives because thats where the peace is being broken. And until someone has answers toward a solution, please, please shove these peace intiatives.