Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Explosion at Hotel Trident

A loud explosion heard at Hotel Trident, Nariman Point, but no confirmations whether it was a terror bomb or action by India's security forces.

Media reports suggest at least 30 persons are held hostage at Trident, mostly those who were dining in a restaurant when the gunmen took them hostage.

But there are many more in the rooms of the hotel.

At the Taj Mahal Hotel rescue operations are still on...with the firebrigade getting people out from the hotel room windows on ladders...while the National Security Guards are rescuing people from the rooms and escorting them to safety.

Many relatives of hostages are waiting outside the hotels..hoping and praying that this ends well.

There are 9 foreigners among the hundred killed.

But the death toll could go up as more dead bodies are being taken out from the Taj Mahal Hotel.

Most of those rescued praised the professionalism of the Taj Hotel staff..who kept calm..and even escorted many out of fire exits guests would have not found themselves.

The Taj Group have issued a statment saying they will not be daunted by this and expressed regret for the unfortunate incident but said they were not really concerned with the destruction of the hotel which will be built inch-by-inch and restored to its old glory.

A few staff of the hotel are also reported killed, including a chef.

India's Prime Minister is expected to travel to Bombay alongwith the leader of the opposition Mr.L.K. Advani.

There is a huge security presence in Bombay and many arlines have cancelled their flights to the city.

But whether the terrorists will be stormed or not will be a political decision, its reported.

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